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edentiti rewards to reduce greenhouse gases

The generation of greenhouse gases as a byproduct of energy production is causing global warming. We need to reduce the output of greenhouse gases but we also need energy.

With Edentiti Rewards systems:

we Reward people who consume less energy than others;

we require Rewards to be spent on infrastructure that saves energy or increases the supply of renewable energy; and

money for Rewards can come from any source. Potential sources are surcharge on polluting energy, money from the sale of emissions permits, or as a long term zero interest loan from the Reserve Bank.


The problem of over consumption

Wealth is built by individuals becoming more productive through specialisation and investment. To get all the goods and services we need we trade them for goods and services we produce. Price is the method of rationing and restricting consumption when there are not enough goods to satisfy all.

In an age of abundance, price has lost its effectiveness in restricting consumption. This has lead to over consumption of some goods, with undesirable effects to both the individual and society.

Edentiti Rewards is a way to amplify the effect of price and gives society a way to reduce the over consumption of goods that cause harm and to encourage direct expenditure on goods that cause less harm.


Latest edentiti rewards news

Edentiti news

Reward the Frugal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

December 1, 2008 7:45 AM

This is the presentation given to ANZSES (Australia, New Zealand, Solar Energy Society). It outlines a method of financing renewable energy that will ensure Australia reduces emissions. see another presentation of the debt problem and with the way we create all...


Economics in an age of abundance

April 29, 2008 3:09 AM

Traditional economic theory is built around the idea of scarcity and consumer choice through competitive markets. The theory says that markets work because when goods are scarce, price contains all the information that a consumer needs to make an informed choice This makes it possible for a person to not only rationally choose to buy from a particular supplier, but to choose between different types of products. Unfortunately in the modern market place the assumptions about scarcity and prices reflecting value do not apply.


Industry news


January 10, 2008 8:25 AM

Professor Ross Garnaut's speech of November 2007 discusses the issue of mitigating greenhouse gases as a global "Tragedy of the Commons" problem. The problem of getting global cooperation on climate change is the same as getting citizen's in a nation cooperating to reduce green house gas emissions. One way of viewing a solution to the problem is a trading regime in a restricted market whose products help solve the problem.

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edentiti rewards in action

Edentiti Rebates

 Use Edentiti Rebates for efficient administration of community rebate programs.

Remove Water Restrictions

 Encourage water-saving actions on the part of individuals and business, and ensure all Rewards are spent on further saving water.

Efficient Government Spending

 Money spent on large-scale policies can be tracked and reported on, and the market rules can be modified to ensure results.

Create Affordable Housing

 Price is no longer performing its desired role in effectively restraining the housing market. Edentiti rewards can restore the balance.

Public Transport Funding

 Rewards are given to those who take public transport, and car use is taxed. Rewards can only be used for public transport fares.

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